AI sales tool for bootstrapped companies

Because private equity hires my company, Aux Insights, to analyze their acquisition targets’ marketing, I get an unbelievable level of insight into how businesses reach 100s of millions in sales.

One marketing and sales tool I see used often is ZoomInfo. My companies use it too.

I want to help you understand how it grows sales, so I partnered with them to show you around their suite of tools, including their new AI, ZoomInfo Copilot.

First, the basics:

ZoomInfo helps businesses

1) add likely buyers to their pipelines

2) close sales

When the team behind this newsletter goes after new sponsors, they'll use ZoomInfo to put together a target list, find the right person to contact at each company, plan their outreach, and close sales.

But each company uses ZoomInfo differently, so let's look at some of its building blocks.

Add anonymous website visitors

Interested buyers visit your site, but you don’t know who they are. ZoomInfo lets you see which companies’ team members are on your site, even if they don’t fill out a form. It adds them to your CRM. And helps you contact them.

Enrich data

When I ran a lead business, I saw just how clunky forms with endless fields reduce conversions. ZoomInfo lets you simplify your site’s forms.

Just ask visitors for an email address and ZoomInfo will enrich their data with each prospect's name, company, phone number, and more.

Find prospects

With ZoomInfo, you can search for prospects, like “software companies that raised over $10 million in the last 3 months.” Then you can find the right decision-makers at those companies and understand how each company makes buying decisions.

That's one way my newsletter team will find companies that are ready to sponsor their first newsletter.

Close sales

ZoomInfo helps your team close sales by suggesting the best follow-up steps (email, phone, text, etc), by doing the work for them (through automation), or a combination of guidance and automation.

Introducing AI: ZoomInfo Copilot

Last week ZoomInfo launched their new AI solution: ZoomInfo Copilot.

I asked my team at Aux Insights how they plan to use it. They said:

1. Identify PE Firms with high buying intent based on acquisitions and funding announcements and trigger congratulatory outreach after they close a deal.

2. Identify and help us prioritize firms actively exploring investments in the apparel category because we’ve developed a strong apparel marketing expert network.

3. Identify new VP & associate hires at PE firms we work with, and trigger congratulatory emails.

4. Re-engage dormant PE relationships by having ZoomInfo Copilot scan past interactions and identify new opportunities for engagement.

Let's look at what's here...

Know when and how to respond

With ZoomInfo Copilot, every person on your sales team gets a prioritized feed of prospects, with key insights, including:

1) How likely they are to buy

2) A playbook for reaching out

Get useful research

Hours of account research can be done in seconds.

ZoomInfo Copilot will compile deep research on each prospect and organize it into a scannable research doc, to prep your team.

The team at Aux is using this for pre-meeting briefings and competitive analysis.


Need more insight into a client?

With ZoomInfo Copilot’s chat, you can ask specific questions about any account, like “What did we discuss in the last conversations?” and “How do I move this deal forward?

This helps the Aux team prepare for proposal presentations by catching up on past interactions.

It also helps the onboarding team understand what client expectations were set before a deal was closed.

Works for you

ZoomInfo Copilot can even use relevant account data to do the work for you, like writing an email based on its research.

What do you think?

You can read more about ZoomInfo Copilot here.

But what's working for your sales team? Hit reply and tell me.