We’re launching something new…with Sam Parr

Hi, I’m Andrew Warner. Jesse introduced me 2 weeks ago as the new head of Bootstrapped Giants.

I stink at writing.

So when I joined BG, Jesse gave me a list of courses and suggested I sign up for one them. I did. I’ve been improving.

He’s also been sending me constant advice on how to level up my writing. (”Curiosity and benefits. You left them out of this one.”)

Jesse loves teaching. His mother is a teacher, so maybe he got that from her.

Feeling guilty about not responding to emails faster?

I got you.

Superhuman is how my team flies through email.

The other day, after I got off a Zoom with our sponsor Superhuman, he sent me suggestions for improving the next sponsor call:

”Andrew, you’re doing too much of the ‘entrepreneur hustle’ thing. Focus on rigor. For the next one, get an outline together. Nak can help you create one. Show them what we launched for them, then follow up with…”

Basically, these take the kind of guidance Jesse gives the leaders of the Gateway X companies, and make them available to our broader community.

Better still, we’re partnering on our workshops with founders that we know will help you level up. Check out the first one.

Sam Parr

Founder, The Hustle and Hampton

When I talked with readers of this newsletter, Sam’s name kept coming up.

Some of you are members of Hampton, the private community of fast-growing companies. Jesse is. Saying “I’m in Hampton” is a point of pride for entrepreneurs. It shows they built a substantive, growing business that passes Hampton’s rigorous screening process.

Many of you read The Hustle, the email newsletter Sam founded, built to over 2.5 million subscribers and sold to HubSpot.

But those are just part of the reason we invited Sam to join us for the first session. The bigger reason?

Sam is a disciplined, methodical company builder. That makes him someone who can go beyond showing you what he did and teach you how you can do it.

Our first session:

Bootstrapping The First Million

This first workshop is about the fundamentals of a good business.

  • New Founders: We’ll work on the basics for growing a business.

  • Experienced leaders: We’ll go through a plan for launching new ideas.

This is a new initiative for us at Bootstrapped Giants. We’ll keep adjusting and improving based on your experience and feedback.

But I think you’ll get a lot of this first session.

See you on Friday.