My growth tips for your company

The CEOs of my companies know it’s a very Jessy-thing to get text messages with an idea that can double their sales or an introduction to someone who’ll rewire their brains.

A few months ago, my team at GrowthAssistant asked if there was a way to do that for their clients.

I gave it a shot. I invited people from DoorDash and True Classic and the response was incredible.

My guest and I showed participants how to grow their companies and talked about marketing techniques that are working for us.

We got into, analytical rigour, marketing attribution, building early marketing teams, etc.

Next week I’m doing it again, and I want to invite a few of this newsletter’s readers to join me.

It’s with Phil Krim. He’s a serial entrepreneur who built a billion-dollar business and is now building a venture studio, Montauk Climate, and an investment fund, Montauk Ventures.

When he co-founded Casper, he made it into a household name using a few specific techniques that anyone can use (which is tough to do for an online brand). He also made some mistakes, which he’ll talk about candidly.

If you join our Zoom, we’ll both give you tips that worked for us and take your questions so we can give you specific, actionable growth advice.

We’re only allowing a few people to join, so if you’re interested, reserve your spot here.