This email AI is mind blowing

I wasn’t allowed to share these screenshots until today.

When you see them, you’ll quickly understand why this new email AI feature is game-changing.

If you want to try it, my partners at Superhuman are giving 100 of my newsletter readers early access, for free. Request access here.

Now you can ask your inbox questions and get instant answers

That means I don't have to click through old messages to find:

  • “What’s Andrew Warner’s phone number?”

  • “When do I take Ricky to Boy Scouts?”

  • “What sessions will Ric's conference have about leadership?”

When I ask about an event and then follow up with “What are my flight details?” it knows that I'm referring to the flight I'm taking to the event.

Sometimes I leave a long meeting and see that Nak, Andrew and the team exchanged 20 emails with a client while I was offline. Instead of trying to catch up, I can ask Superhuman AI to catch me up.

I can also ask more broad questions, like:

  • “What were Justin's sponsorship requirements?”

  • “What did we promise to deliver True Classic?”

  • “What did Steve commit to do?”

This is one of my favorite features.

When someone asks me what it's like to hire an assistant from my company, GrowthAssistant, I can ask Superhuman AI for testimonials and get quotes from emails that clients sent to me.

If you want to read the full email behind the answer you got, it’s one click away.

Want to try it?


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