This is my secret for clearing email FAST ⚡

One of the secrets to my success is that my partners, clients, and team can count on me to respond to their emails, fast.

It also removes the stress that most people carry around from having a cluttered inbox.

For over a decade I taught leaders how to get to inbox zero, but few could put in the work to achieve it.

Then, a few years ago, I found something that did the trick: Superhuman.

Superhuman uses speed and AI to enable anyone to reach inbox zero.

All the leaders of my companies use it. I want you to see it for yourself.

Since Superhuman is a Bootstrapped Giants partner, I can give you 1 month of it for free, here.

If you're unsure if it's for you, I even recorded a screencast of myself using some of my favorite Superhuman shortcuts.

AI summaries of long conversations

Just click M on your keyboard and you'll get a bulleted list of what was said.

AI pre-written responses

For each email I get, Superhuman suggests 3 responses for me.

Each suggestion is based on my unique writing style and on what was said in the email conversation.

I can click the response I want and send it as-is or edit it.

AI writing help

I can also have Superhuman AI write full messages for me OR help me as I write my messages.

Snooze messages

If I can't respond to a message instantly, I snooze it till later. Other email apps copied this Superhuman feature but no one matches their speed and ability to anticipate when I want to bring a message back into my inbox.

Keyboard shortcuts

Everything in Superhuman can be done with keyboard shortcuts.

And if I forget a shortcut, I can hit the ? key on my keyboard and see it listed, or I can click command+K and ask for the command I want.

Gamified inbox

Superhuman knows that humans are motivated by points.

So they used game mechanics to encourage and reward users who clear their inboxes.

As you can see, I hit Inbox Zero 68 weeks in a row thanks to Superhuman.

Try superhuman for yourself. Use this link to get 1 free month and reach Inbox Zero, consistently.