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How I Used This Sales Hack to Land a $100M Account

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

I have a secret to sales, recruiting, and landing pretty much any meeting I need to get. I’ve never shared it publicly, but I will today.

This system was instrumental in getting Ampush and GrowthAssistant to >8 figures in revenue with virtually ZERO CAC. In short, this is a sales approach that will get you meetings without having to spend money on sales people, marketing costs, etc.

The funny thing is: I didn’t even realize this was a “secret” until I showed it to a few friends and their heads EXPLODED with how effective it actually is. I even recorded a video to walk you through the strategy for my newest business, AuxInsights (more on this soon).

How it works

Step 1) Make a list of target companies (Know your ICP!) and target individuals.

Step 2) Look those people up on LinkedIn and identify the ones who you have several mutual connections with.

Step 3) Send a brief message to your direct connections that reads:

“[Connection Name], do you know [Target Name] well?”

They know what’s coming if they say yes so this is a soft way to ask for an intro. You should expect 1/3 people to respond, so send it to 3-4 mutuals to guarantee a response!

Step 4) Ask for an intro with a short blurb, or send them a forward-able email so all they have to do is forward it to the target individual.

Step 5) Connect with the person and nail the meeting!

The Clash Royale account

This strategy is so powerful, it landed me an account that made my last business Ampush $25+ MILLION in fees. Here’s the story:

Back in the day, I used to speak at a lot of conferences (still do). But one of those conferences changed the course of my business.

After speaking at Social Gaming Summit in Berlin in 2012, the conference organizer connected with me on LinkedIn. He happened to be connected to the CEO and Growth Lead of Supercell, so I reached out for an intro. I made the request, got the intro, and the rest is history (I found that email in my inbox and screenshotted it below!).

By landing that deal, I oversaw the largest mobile gaming launch in history, Clash Royale, and all the customer acquisition spend for Clash of Clans, which spent $100M+ with us. Safe to say this strategy works.

Why does it work so well?

WARM introductions are 10X (I can’t emphasize this enough) more valuable than a cold meeting. The person doesn’t have their guard up, trust has been granted implicitly, and there’s an easy way to build rapport (share how you know the mutual person).

How do you scale it?

Before you scale it, do it yourself manually for a month or so - get 10-20 meetings this way. Make sure you understand the nuances and learn the system yourself. You’ll find big and small ways to improve and optimize it.

Then scale it, but be careful - this is your network after all. Trust is imperative. My scaling strategy is pretty straightforward: I bring on an offshore person into the less scalable parts of the system: finding target individuals, sending the messages, etc. Making sure to hire trained offshore people can be an entire post of its own, but I use my own company GrowthAssistant to source them.

If you want a head start building a set of templates that your virtual assistant can send to your targets, take a look at our
Special shoutout to Brian Zweig, former VP of Sales at Ampush for coming up with this.
Check out his latest venture InnerCircle. They utilize AI to automate warm intros to your dream prospects and companies. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of their product—it's game-changing!

Don’t believe that you can walk away at this point though: I’m always following along the conversations and jumping in to minimize them feeling robotic and formulaic.

But Jesse, I don’t have your network

That’s true, but guess what: YOU HAVE A NETWORK. I started this system when I was 25 with no network at all. Start a business where you already have an easy-in: I call this your unfair advantage, take advantage of it!

The greatest sales hack of all-time

I will reiterate this because how powerful it has been for me and my businesses: warm introductions are THE single greatest sales hack of all-time. USE THEM.

Links 🔗

  1. Mutual Intro Message Templates - These are the message templates I hand to my own team when we begin scaling our sales motion! Download it to use yourself! Huge props to Brian Zweig, the brains behind these templates. Check out his newest company InnerCircle, which uses AI to automate warm intros to your dream prospects / companies. Their product is insane!!
  2. Playbook Walkthrough Video - I walk you through this strategy for my newest business, AuxInsights.

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